ELPT Reporting
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ELPT Reporting

1. When will the reports be available?

Reports will be available by mid-May through the Reporting system. This can be accessed through the ELPT Portal.

2. How can the reports be accessed?

ELPT results can be accessed in Reporting. The Reporting User Guide is posted to the ELPT Portal with directions for accessing ELPT testing data and student reports.

3. What do the reports contain?

The student reports contain domain performance levels, proficiency determinators as well as state and district comparisons. More information can be found in the Parent Guide to ELPT Student Reports.

4. How will the scores be used?

The domain scores will be used to determine the area (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) and the types of supports the student will need to be successful in his/her content classes.

Additionally, domain scores will be compiled into a profile. The profile is used to determine overall English language proficiency of either Emerging, Progressing, or Proficient. More information about these levels can be found in the ELPT Performance Level Descriptors.

5. How can students exit from EL services?

A student will be eligible for reclassification once he/she scores a profile of Proficient (Level 4 or 5) in all tested domains. The student will then be reclassified as a “monitored” student and will no longer need to take ELPT. Monitoring will take place for 2 years.

LEAs must update the student’s EL status in SIS to reflect this change. If proficient students are not updated in SIS by October 1, the student will need to take ELPT or the school will receive a zero for accountability purposes. 

After four years, students with disabilities may exit before achieving Proficient on ELPT if the IEP team and/or SBLC has determined that the student is unable to make adequate progress in their language acquisition because of their disability. The IEP team/SBLC has the ability to exit EL students with significant cognitive disabilities sooner.