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ELPS Training Modules /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/Screener-Training-Modules.pdf
Updated July 01, 2019

This document lists the available ELPS training modules and explains the two different ways to view the modules in PowerPoint.

TIDE-1: Activating Your Account and Navigating Through TIDE /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/Activating-Your-Account_Screener_with-audio.pptx
This training module explains how to activate your TIDE account and navigate through TIDE.
TIDE-2: Adding and Editing Users /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/Adding-and-Editing-Users_Screener_with-audio.pptx
This training module explains adding users to TIDE, determining their roles and permissions, and editing users in TIDE.
TIDE-3: Adding and Editing Students and Student Test Settings /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/Adding-and-Editing-Students_Screener_with-audio.pptx
This training module explains the process for adding and editing students and student test settings in TIDE.
TIDE-4: Managing Rosters /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/Managing-Rosters_Screener_with-audio.pptx
This training module explains how to create and edit rosters in TIDE.
TIDE-5: Appeals Process /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/Appeals-Process_Screener_with-audio.pptx
This training module explains how to create appeals, view existing appeals, and process appeals in TIDE.
TDS - Test Delivery System /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/TDS-Overview-Final_Screener_with-audio.pptx

This training module explains how to set up and administer an online testing session.

Participation Reports /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/Participation-Reports_with_audio.pptx

This training module explains how to run participation reports in TIDE (Test Information Distribution Engine) and use them to monitor students' testing progress during the test administration window.

Reporting System Training Module /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/Reporting_no-audio.pptx

The Reporting System Training Module is intended for Test Coordinator and Test Administrator users. This module covers commonly used functionality such as logging into the system, accessing and printing individual and multiple ISRs, filtering reports, and provides an overview of the general layout of the system and its dashboards.