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ELPS Step Two Speaking Scoring Document /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/ELPA21-ELPS-Step-Two-Speaking-Scoring-Document.pdf
This document is created to assist school and school system personnel with the immediate (“on the fly”) scoring of the first operational Speaking task on the ELPS.
ELPS/ELPT TA User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/LA_ELPT-ELPS-TA-User-Guide_20-21.pdf

This user guide is designed to help users navigate the Test Delivery System (TDS) including the Student Interface and the Test Administrator Interface, and help support Test Administrators manage and administer testing for students participating in the ELPS and ELPT. Additionally, this guide will provide information to help users access and administer the Online Tools Training available in TDS.

Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/ELPT-ELPS_LA_TIDE-User-Guide-20-21.pdf

This user guide is designed to help users easily navigate the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) system. TIDE performs the following functions:

  • Registering students for assessments
  • Establishing test settings and accommodations
  • Associating students with districts, schools, and rosters
  • Creating and approving testing appeals

Depending on your user role, you may not have access to all of these functions.

Reporting Brochure and FAQ /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/ELPA21_Reporting-Brochure_LA.pdf

The Reporting Brochure and FAQ provides an introduction to the enhanced reporting system and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. 

DEI User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/LA_ELPT-ELPS-DEI-User-Guide_20-21.pdf

This document is intended to provide specific instructions for using the Data Entry Interface (DEI). The DEI is a component of the Online Testing System that allows authorized users to enter student assessment data, such as item responses and scores. Entering student data is required for the ELPS and ELPT paper-pencil and Braille forms.

ELPS/ELPT Accessibility and Accommodations Manual /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/ELPS-ELPT-AA-Manual-2020-2021-Final.pdf

This Accessibility and Accommodations Manual is designed to guide the selection and administration of appropriate universal features, designated features, and accommodations for individual students to produce valid assessment results.

English Language Proficiency Screener (ELPS) Test Administration Manual /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/LA_20-21_ELPS_TAM_FINAL.pdf

The ELPS Test Administration Manual is intended to provide specific instructions for the administration of the ELPS test. Details include information on security, coding, and logistical requirements and the Test Administrator directions to students.

Reporting System Quick Guide /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/LA_2020-21_Quick-Guide-to-Reporting-System.pdf
The Reporting System Quick Guide provides a brief overview of the steps for logging in to the Reporting System, finding test results for individual students, and printing individual student reports (ISRs) in various available languages. 
Reporting System User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2601/urlt/LA_20-21_Reporting-System-User-Guide.pdf

The Reporting System User Guide provides information and instructions on how to use the Reporting System to access student performance information and view user-specific dashboards summarizing cohort data.