ELPS Reporting
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ELPS Reporting

1. When will the reports be available?

For students who stop screening after Step 2, reports will be available within hours of screening. For students who continue screening through Step 3, score reports will be available within 7 days of screening. School test coordinators will be able to access the individual report of each ELPS tester. Reports will be divided into the four language domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

2. How can the reports be accessed?

ELPS results can be accessed in the CAI Reporting system

3. How will the scores be used?

A student who does not score proficient on the ELPS should be classified as an English learner (EL). Within 30 days of a student enrolling, the school must assess and inform the student’s parent/guardian(s) of student’s program eligibility, as described in Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). A sample parental notification form can be found in the English Learner Library.

The student should receive high quality core instruction with appropriate language supports that differentiate to address language needs. An English Learner Accommodations Checklist should be developed for each eligible student. This plan lists the accommodations and modifications available to an EL in content classes to assist in acquiring the English Language and to access statewide assessments.