ELPT Test Window Launch
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ELPT Test Window Launch

Feb 1, 2021

ELPT Summative Tests and Participation Reports are Open

ELPT summative tests and participation reports are now open. The ELPT summative test window ends on March 12, 2021

To order paper, large print, and braille materials for ELPT Summative tests, please contact the LA ELPT Help Desk. Whereas in previous years, users had to place orders in TIDE, Help Desk agents will be able to gather details and place orders on your behalf. Some orders may require state approval before they are processed, so please place your orders for materials as soon as possible.

Please review the ELPT Summative Test Administration Manual  and ELPS and ELPT TA User Guide for guidance on administering ELPT tests. It is strongly recommended that all Test Administrators administer the ELPT Online Tools Training to their students prior to administering the summative test so the Test Administrators and students can become familiar with the technology prior to ELPT Summative test administration.

Contact the Louisiana ELPT Help Desk if you encounter any issues administering ELPT tests.

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